RCSmith Jewelry
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I began sculpting rings about ten years ago. I've always loved the reflective tones in silver and the weight of it on my hands. For me there is a sense of boldness and artistic expression in jewelry. I only create pieces using solid, pure sterling silver because I believe jewelry should be durable, lasting, and brilliant.  Each ring I create is custom made, not replicated from a mold. I sculpt each ring then cast it using molten sterling silver and polish it by hand.


Each piece is custom made by hand USING NATURAL MATERIALS.


I have been a rock collector all my life. There is so much beauty in natural materials. I find that man made or artificially colored stones rarely have the same impact or beauty as those created naturally in the world around us. I'm always watching for new materials to shape into beautiful jewelry. When I cut and carve stones I strive to create simple, clean designs to avoid overpowering the stone and instead emphasize its natural beauty.